How to participate in an IDO
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Before IDO:

Staking for IDO allocation: Users are required to stake their BSCS to get guaranteed allocation for the first IDO; if you hold Genesis NFT, please make sure it is staked as well.
BSCStation Launchpad Tier model for BSCS round IDO eligibility
Pool Weight

Joining pool:

1. Step 1:

=> Find the IDO project still ongoing and you want to participate.
If you’re whitelisted for a Pool of the IDO project. The “Commit Fund” button will be enabled. You will see the fund that needs to be committed into the pool.
The allocation will be calculated after the Pools close.
⚠️ Important Notice
  • The number of BUSD commits is not fixed, it is depend on the IDO project.
  • Users can claim the remaining BUSD after the calculating period

2. Step 2:

Click on “Commit fund" => Your fund will be committed into the pool.
Allocation will be switched to “Calculating” status.

3. Step 3:

- The system will calculate the allocation per user based on the tier models and the total number of people committing funds in the pool.
- When the token sale ends, your allocation will be shown and the corresponding BUSD amount will be deducted from the deposited fund.
- You will see the amount of the Change that needs to be claimed. Click “Claim change” to get the leftover amount of your funds. And now you can see your allocation.

4. Step 4:

When it’s time to claim tokens, you can choose to claim your Token or get a refund within 2 hours of TGE.

Refundable Rules

  • This could be the best way to join an IDO, considering the current market conditions as it provides benefits to both projects and investors. On one hand, the investors are able to make decisions based on the token performance after listing. On the other hand, the projects can receive tremendous amounts of support and engagement.
  • Also, the refund process will be executed via a smart contract, and those investors who fail to make a decision within the first 2 hours will not be eligible for a refund. We believe the refundable IDO will help our users to choose the best projects for themselves.
  • We reserve the right to take a fee (from $1 to $5) when you get a refund depending on the requirements of the project.
  • Please note the allocation rules are the same as before, and users have more benefits because they have the option to get a refund after the token is listed.
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