The MStation is the first game in BSCStation Metaverse. Players can summon characters, complete daily mining missions, protect the MStation, and loot rare items to play and earn.
On the journey to discover the Multiverse, BSCS Spaceventures discover the Bscdium Planet, and the most abundant resources on the planet are bscdium. The Spaceventures decide to settle down and build an MStation to start mining that rare resources. These resources are valuable resources for the long journey of our Spaceventures, and we will strive to protect the MStation.
Until one day... on a journey to one of the deepest dungeons on the Planet, we realized: We're not alone. It’s time for the BSCS Spaceventures to carry their weapons and fight back to protect the MStation.
No matter who you are, come to protect the MStation!

How to play

  • Recruit: Users can mint their Spaceventures character in the “Recruit” section, and it will cost 35 BSCS to mint for a random character.
  • Level Up: The original summoned Spaceventures characters are all at Level 1. You need to consume a certain amount of BSCD and BSCS to level up your Spaceventures.
  • Daily Works: Spaceventures have their Daily Works to build and expand the MStation, in return, they could earn BSCDium (BSCD). You only need to place them in the right station, and Spaceventures will start working automatically.
    Different characters have different skills in work, please pay attention to the requirements in each station. The higher level a station is, the more BSCD you can earn.
  • PvE Adventures: The Spaceventures picked up their weapons and defended their MStation! In the Adventure, the Spaceventure will defeat the invaders, challenge the Boss, and obtain rewards such as BSCD, BSCS tokens, and materials for crafting.
  • And so much more. Detailed docs here

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