Smash the Rat


BSCStation Land was once a peaceful place, but now it is under siege by rats. The Army of Rats has rapidly become powerful and instilled fear in the people of BSCStation Land with numerous lootings and other evil deeds.
BSCStation Brave Warriors must take up arms, fight the tiny invaders, regain the peace, and recover the valuable coins they have stolen as worthy rewards. They will face many challenges, but they must not give up. They will fight tooth and nail to protect their homeland and eliminate the rat menace.

How to play

Players will select the weapon and attack the Army of Rats; each attack will consume an amount of Gold.
There are 3 types of Weapons with different Special Abilities and Gold per Attack.

Wooden Hammer

  • 0.1 Gold/Attack
  • 0.5 Gold/ Attack
  • 1 Gold/ Attack

Iron Mace

  • 5 Gold/ Attack
  • 10 Gold/ Attack
  • 20 Gold/ Attack

Special Ability: Explosive Smash

When you eliminate an enemy with the Iron Mace, you will have the possibility to trigger an explosive bomb on other enemies and instantly kill them.

War Hammer

  • 30 Gold/ Attack
  • 50 Gold/ Attack
  • 100 Gold/ Attack

Special Ability: Freezing Field

When you eliminate an enemy with the War Hammer, you will have the possibility to trigger a Freezing Field on the game screen and freeze all the enemies for 5 seconds.


Reward=WeaponValue∗BaseScoreReward = Weapon Value * Base Score

Jackpot Award

When you eliminate an enemy, you will have a certain probability of hitting the Jackpot.
The higher the value of the Weapon, the greater the opportunity of hitting the Jackpot.

Auto Mode

Turn the Auto Mode on and now you can make profits without having to spend too much time playing!