Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is LuckyLott?

LuckyLott is a new hot trend of lotto which the prize results are based on the exchange rate figures of the BNBUSDT trading pair on the world's most prestigious exchange Binance. It gives players a fun experience of accessing crypto lottery through Bot Telegram.

Round & Results Announcement

Time to Pull Result from Binance
03:00 UTC
09:00 UTC
15:00 UTC
Time to Announce Result
03:30 UTC
09:30 UTC
15:30 UTC
Time to Open Round
03:15 UTC
09:15 UTC
15:15 UTC
Time to Close Round
08:30 UTC
14:30 UTC
02:30 UTC (of the next day)
  • The lucky numbers for each round will be announced 30 minutes after Binance results on LuckyLott's social media channels.
  • If a winner has not been found at the end of a round, the prize will be added to the next round.

Winning Result

With LuckyLott, there are more ways of winning than one. You can win a grand prize even when you donโ€™t make accurate predictions in the order of the lottery.

Reward Mechanism

LuckyLott payout based on the results and the type of ticket players buy. The prize will be automatically transferred to the winner's account after the results are announced.
  • Jackpot Prize: 10,000 BUSD and accumulate
  • Mini Jackpot Prize: x100 Ticket value.
  • LuckyLott 3 Prize: x500 Ticket value.
  • LuckyLott 2 Prize: x80 Ticket value

How are the results obtained?

All Prizes are based on Binance(BNB)'s exchange rate. We take the second decimal digit of the opening (O), highest (H), lowest (L), and closing (C) price to determine the winner.
  • Jackpot Prize: Predict correctly four numbers in the order O - H - L - C.
  • Mini Jackpot Prize: Predict correctly four numbers in any combination.
  • LuckyLott 3 Prize: Predict correctly three numbers in the order H - L - C.
  • LuckyLott 2 Prize: Predict correctly two numbers in the order L - C.

Referrals Commission

To encourage players as well as develop the LuckyLott community, we offer an attractive commission system for players *. By instructing your friends to enter their referral code when participating in the Telegram Bot, the commission amount will automatically be added to your account.
Below is the referral commission level:

What are the fees?

Total 20%
  • 15% of each round's total ticket will go to the treasury, which will be used to buyback and burn BSCS on 21st every month.
  • 5% of each round's total ticket will user to incentive for players