BSCS Holder Benefits

BSCS Holder Benefits

The benefits of BSCS Hodler? Here is a quick overview.
  • IDO GUARANTEED ALLOCATION - Those who own and Stake BSCS will automatically qualify for IDO guaranteed allocation.
  • STAKING/FARMING- Farms and Start Pools are the simplest way to earn free tokens on BSCStation. Stake BSCS, earn free tokens.
  • UNLOCK NFT AUCTION - BSCS tokens will be used to pay as Auction fees, transactions, and also for NFT access behind the paywall.
  • VOTING - Hodlers holding BSCS or more can vote to approve or reject projects on BSCS IDO
  • SHARING TRANSACTION FEE - Hodlers holding BSCS will share a portion of transaction fees
  • ENJOIN GAMIFICATION:- Prediction, Luckylott,..etc
  • PAYMENT - Use BSCS as a payment method at the service points within the BSCS ecosystem in the near future.
  • FUTURE BENEFITS - There are many other benefits of BSCS Hodler that we are building and researching for early implementation.
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