Products Roadmap

"Don't call it a roadmap"
We try to move fast and keep pivoting. This is our passion.
The rollout for the BSCStation products roadmap below will take place over the coming months with consistent and impactful releases. These pushes will serve to evolve the standards for decentralized DeFi & NFT infrastructures while empowering creators everywhere to take advantage of the tools that BSC Station provides.

What we had

  • Exchange v1 (core): swap and liquidity for BSCS/BUSD
  • NFT Auction (core): English Auction
  • Mint NFT (core): Create Artist Profile, Mint NFT
  • Sell/Transfer NFT (core)
  • NFT Genesis 1 Release
  • Launchpad IDO (core)
  • Farms: Earn BSCS by Staking LP
  • Start Pools: Stake BSCS to Earn BSCS
  • NFT Marketplace v2(core): enhance UI/UX
  • Genesis Marketplace (core): BSCStation native NFT marketplace
  • Market Prediction (Beta)
  • Market Prediction: Leaderboard
  • Launchpad v2 (core): new UI/UX
  • Update on IDO Rules: new rules, new way to join IDO
  • Farms v Start Pools v2 (core): New UI/UX, New pool to stake BSCS and earn new tokens
  • Launchpad V3: upgrade on UX, new UI Style, easier to track your joined IDOs
  • Staking NFT: activate NFT boost of Genesis Card
  • Staking NFT: get the free token :)
  • INO: Initial NFT Offering
  • Mstation: First-ever metaverse gamefi on BSCStation
  • IDO update: support Tron, Fantom network now (beside ERC-20, Polygon, and BNBChain)
  • INO update: support direct minting from partner's contract

Working on

  • New Homepage: testing
  • Update IDO and INO launchpad: testing
  • Update Staking: testing
  • Update Farming: testing
  • Update NFT Marketplace: testing
  • Gamehub release: Gold Portal with the first game "Smash Rat"

What's next?

  • Cross-chain Swap
  • Crosschain IDO: Solana, Near, OKX, Aptos, 5ire
  • NFT Auction v2: the new way to join the auction
  • Referral mechanism for Launchpad
  • Launchpad: view more info on IDO project such as Liquidity, price chart, holders
  • NFT Marketplace v2.1: Cross-Platform NFT and support BEP-1155
  • MM Toolkit (Anti Snip Bot, Liquidity Adding, Trading Tool)
  • NFT Voting
  • NFT Swap: the new way to swap NFTs
  • NFT Gamification
  • BSCStation Mobile App
  • ... and so on